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Nov 10

Volume 33 Now Available

Creampie Publishing is pleased to announce that Volume 33 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater is now available electronically from Amazon.com.   From the Kindle page, This is the 33rd volume of hot stories that feature creampies. The six stories in this volume all feature my real-life love, Janie. At the time of the …

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Dec 23

Volume 32 now available, but…

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater Volume 32

Creampie Publishing is pleased to announce that Volume 32 of the Collected Works of Creampie Eater is now available from Amazon. However, it isn’t for everyone.  It contains bisexuality, and murder.  The stories are: “My Fiancé Has a Secret” – I found out that my fiancé has a dark secret. We resolve that before we …

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May 21

This weekend is long… like my Johnson

It has been quite a while since we ran a promotion, and Memorial Day Weekend is my favourite holiday of the year.  So why not celebrate with a free book? Starting Saturday, May 24 and running through Memorial Day, we are giving away Volume 5 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater. [Post][Amazon] This is …

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Oct 31

Happy Halloween!

Oooh, spooky!

This is one my favourite days of the year.  Boys and girls having fun, candy, the kick off to holiday excitement. But one must realize the spooky nature of the day.  Even if you reject that, then you must admit to the nature of “Trick or treat”.  I’ll give you a treat… but I might …

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Jul 28

It’s Sale Saturday!

Today, Chasing James is on sale at Amazon.com, for the ridiculously low price of $0.00.  That’s a savings of 100%. Here is the original announcement for this volume. Unlike most of the other volumes, Chasing James is a single story.  However, it is actually two different versions of the same story.  The original was well …

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Jul 06

Volume 26 Features Bi-Sexuality

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 26 is a little different.  Each of the stories features male bisexuality, rather than a more general variety of topics.  The stories are: “Finally?” – Finally! A man indulges his bi-sex fantasies and just does it! (or does he?) “Crossing the Line” – A man crosses the line …

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Jun 03

The Making of an Amateur Strap-On Video

Creampie Publishing is pleased to announce that the third single-story volume in The Collected Works of Creampie Eater has been released.  Volume 23 of the series is The Making of a Strap-On Video.  This joins Chasing James and The Babysitter as a stand-alone book. “The Making of an Amateur Strap-on Video“ – Priapus Productions is …

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May 06

Volume 17 now available

Volume 17 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater is now available on Amazon.com for the Kindle device and compatible readers (like your Mac or PC or tablet or phone).  The stories in this volume are: “Taboo” – Friends since primary school play a daring game to break taboos. “My Friend Jota” – A quickie …

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May 06

What’s with these tags?

You may or may not have noticed the cluster of tags that shows on the right margin of these pages or at the bottom of individual posts. These correspond with story codes that describe the content of the story. They can help you find which stories will appeal to you. For example, “rom” is a …

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Mar 21

Chasing James

Creampie Publishing is proud to announce the availability of Chasing James, the first single-story volume of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater.  This volume is also unusual, in that it contains two versions of the story.  They differ in the ending. Chasing James was written based on a current event that left the book with …

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