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Nov 28

Its the most marvelous time of the year!

Thanksgiving in the USA marks their beginning of the Christmas Holiday season.  Thursday is a day of family togetherness or perhaps family stress.  The day after, Black Friday, is highlighted by sales.  Cyber Monday, the following weekday, is when online sales kick in (if they haven’t already). This year, we’re focusing on Cyber Monday.  Every …

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Nov 10


It has been a while, but today we are giving away books. That’s right, we’re putting Volume 1 on sale. Please enjoy the low price of FREE! So head on over to Amazon to get your free copy. 🙂

Dec 30

Between the Holidays…

It’s too late to wish you a Merry Christmas, and too early to bid you a prosperous new year.  So instead, I hope that Santa was nice to you and bought you a new tablet.  That will let you read all sorts of creamy piesy stories! To help you out, we are giving away Volume …

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Mar 22

James’ Birthday = A Present for You

One of the most surprising and entertaining books in our collection has been published for a year.  Chasing James (post here, Amazon link here) is also one of the most controversial.  You’ll have to read it to know what we mean. But hooray! You can read it for FREE!  This weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, …

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Dec 28

Got a new Kindle or Tablet: now what?

So you got a new book-sized device for Christmas. One great use for these things is reading books, and it just so happens that two of our books are being given away today.  For free!  Download them and read them on the bus, in bed, in the “reading room”, wherever. No one will know what …

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas!

We at Creampie Publishing wish you a very Merry Christmas.  I know that many of you are on the Naughty list, and may not have gotten anything, but many more are on the Very Naughty list and will have a lot of fun. While we are imbued with the Christmas Spirit, we here also have …

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May 18

No one ever said we was smart!

This weekend, The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 17 will be free on Amazon.com.  This is a stupid choice, in that Volume 17 has the least sales and therefore stands to have the most selling potential. It also means that if you read these announcements, you have the best chance to gain from that. …

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May 16

You Pick It

We’re having a sale this weekend (May 18-20) on whatever book you want.  The sale book will be free. There are presently 17 volumes to pick from.  The easiest way to see all the books is to visit my author’s page on Amazon. The rules here are simple. The first person to leave a comment …

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Mar 28

Announcing Free Friday

This Friday, March 30, one of the 13 volumes of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater will go on sale at Amazon.com.  The easiest way to find my stories and perhaps the sale price* is to visit my author’s page at Amazon.  This is a cheap way to add to your collection. * Another way …

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Mar 22

Announcing a bounty

We here at Creampie Publishing are concerned.  TwelveTwenty-two volumes have been published, but not a single comment or rating has been made at Amazon.  We’re in a sex-related business, and are not above whoring ourselves out.  So, we are announcing a bounty. When we have received a comment on Amazon on any of The Collected …

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