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Jul 28

It’s Sale Saturday!

Today, Chasing James is on sale at Amazon.com, for the ridiculously low price of $0.00.  That’s a savings of 100%. Here is the original announcement for this volume. Unlike most of the other volumes, Chasing James is a single story.  However, it is actually two different versions of the same story.  The original was well …

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May 07

Read The Babysitter

Creampie Publishing is proud to announce that Volume 18 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater is now available.  Like Chasing James before it, this is a single-story volume.  It is called The Babysitter. The Babysitter is told from the perspective of a babysitter who gets a crush on the father of the children she …

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Mar 21

Chasing James

Creampie Publishing is proud to announce the availability of Chasing James, the first single-story volume of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater.  This volume is also unusual, in that it contains two versions of the story.  They differ in the ending. Chasing James was written based on a current event that left the book with …

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Feb 23



We are very happy to announce that our first work has been published for the Amazon Kindle, and associated Kindle format readers.  As planned, it is The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 1. You can search for the book on Kindle, or use this direct link. The cost is $0.99, a price point designed to …

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