Dec 23

Christmas week continues!

I taste great dipped in creampie

I taste great dipped in creampie

Yesterday we noted that we were reposting stories and adding deep discounts on the volumes that contain them.  Today we reposted another story (Soft Swing) and have added it to the list of books going on sale when Santa arrives.

Here’s the intro to the story.  Its worth a read!  Look for Volume 33 soon!

Janie and Clem were sitting on the edge of their bed, looking at us. I could tell they were feeling the same sort of excited nervousness that I was feeling. Barbie’s hand squeezed mine, so that I suspected she was nervous too. None of us had ever done anything like this before, and so our nervousness was natural.

“I love you,” Clem muttered to Janie. He’d said that many times already tonight, and I got the impression it wasn’t just words for him. When he said it, Barbie again squeezed my hand. She liked hearing him say it, and I planned afterward to get the scoop. But right now, his words were like a key that opened the remainder of the night, because Janie turned to him and they kissed. I watched them for a moment, then turned and kissed my bride.

Watching them was the big point of the night. We’d watch them as they had sex, and they would watch us. It was a “soft swing”, where we’d have sex as couples without any swapping of partners. It was equal parts voyeurism and exhibitionism, and it was Janie’s idea.

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