Sep 09

New story!

It hasn’t been published for sale yet, but I wrote a rather long story for my Yahoo Group.  Actually, I wrote it for myself since I had been feeling the horn for some new kinky fetishes.  Ever thought about male chastity? Pegging? Creampies?  I have… and so much lately that I had to let it out in a story.

Let me know if this is an interest and perhaps I’ll add the story for sale (or loan, via Kindle).

Here’s an excerpt:

It was Friday morning when Clem realized that Kim’s party would fall on Saturday/FunDay. “So we’re skipping it this week?” he asked, dutifully bringing her morning tea.

“No…” she replied, her voice puzzled, “why would you say that?”

“You want our friends to see me in a cage?” he asked, suddenly panicked.

“Sure,” she smiled. “It’s Saturday/FunDay, right?” She had wondered when he would realize the schedule, as had been her plan from the start. “This will be extra fun!”

Clem openly balked. “It will be humiliating!”

Janie had anticipated this too, and had a ready reply thanks to the Keyholder’s Handbook. “It might be embarrassing, but you are the one who asked me to do this. You gave me the key and asked me to use it. I didn’t realize you thought this was going to always be convenient.” She crossed her arms. “I want you to think about this at work today, and tell me if you want to stop now—forever—or if you want to keep going. I’m not going to force you to obey the rules we make together.”

“But—“ Clem began.

“Think about it,” Janie said firmly, ending the conversation.

Clem thought about it a lot at work. There were pluses and minuses, of course. But in the end, he realized that these were really good friends who would find it funny that he was locked up. They already thought of him as a bit of an odd one; he was the guy who eagerly joined a couple to clean a gooey pussy. He might be the butt of a few jokes for a day, but they’d already accepted his quirkiness. In comparison, Janie and he were enjoying more intimacy and sexy fun than then had in years, probably. They’d found a formula that worked. Clem didn’t want to give that up.

And so, the next day Clem wore the cage to the party.

“It’s a chastity cage,” Janie had said, her voice light with mirth.

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