Dec 20

Ho ho ho! (Got the timing right this time!)

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater Volume 14The last time we mentioned Volume 14, it was around Easter and this is really a Fall Holiday book.  In fact, 2 of the 5 stories are about Christmas:

  • “Miss Eggnog” – He doesn’t want to take advantage of his passed out subordinate, but he really does love eggnog.
  • “Caren Creampie” – When Caren and her husband travel down for the annual Christmas party, he ends up being a better host than usual.

In honor of the impending Christmas, we’re putting the book on Sale starting Monday the 22nd and running through Christmas Eve.  Giving someone a book of jolly creampie erotica just might be the best gift ever!

Get the book at Amazon.

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