Nov 11

Buy now to avoid price increase

Amazon LogoSince inception, our books have been the cheapest price allowed by Amazon.com.  Recently they have added new sales tools, but these require a minimum price of $2.99.  We also note that comparable books with as few as 10 pages sell for $2.99, or even more.  Some books sell for as much as $7.99 with a third of the content.  Price gouge fetishists much? 🙁

But then, there is the psychology that says “if it is cheap, it must not be worth much”.  Instead of feeling like they are getting a deal, a large percentage of people simply think our books are crap.  They don’t even try them, simply because they are low priced.  Compare a 50 page book for 99 cents to a 10 page book for $7.99… which do you think is worth more?  There must be some reason that pamphlet is priced so high, right?

We want to have some fun promotions on the run-up to Christmas, we want to correctly position our books as high quality, and we want to buy our staff Lamborghinis (kidding).  So, we are raising our prices effective Friday.

However, we’ll have sales galore, so all is not lost.  Still, if you want to save some moolah now, buy now.

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