Nov 10

Volume 33 Now Available

Creampie Publishing is pleased to announce that Volume 33 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater is now available electronically from Amazon.com.   From the Kindle page,

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater Volume 33

Volume 33 on Amazon

This is the 33rd volume of hot stories that feature creampies. The six stories in this volume all feature my real-life love, Janie. At the time of the writing, she was my mistress, but now she is my beloved spouse.

The stories are:

  • “Biz Trip” – On my annual trip to Washington DC, we pick up a couple to share.
  • “A Capital Trip” – “My baby loves me, this I know. Why else would she be pounding my ass with the new strap-on?” ‘Nuff said?
  • Soft Swing” – A couple shares their sex with another couple. If you aren’t familiar with soft swinging versus other sorts of swinging, you might learn something.
  • “Preparation” – Preparing for sex is part of the excitement, isn’t it?
  • “Talk About My Birthday” – I decide to ask questions about my birthday present: Rob
  • “I Cum Running” – When my baby says “come”, I come. This time, I came.

These stories all feature favorite fantasies that we share, as well as some of the activities we enjoy. There is much strap-on sex, as well as real and fantasized bisexuality. But mainly, these stories show the wide range of romance possible with a kinky couple.


By now, you should know that if you can read this post, you can read this book in the Kindle format.  Enjoy!

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