Jul 25

It’s the Dog Days of Summer

Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and we are now officially in the Dog Days of Summer.  They run from July 24 to August 24.  If you are like me and check it out via Wikipedia, you’ll learn that they were called the Dog Days because Sirius, the Dog Star, rose during this period at or just before sunrise.  The extra heat from Sirius contributed to the heat of Summer, or so they thought.

What do I think? I think the phrase “Dog Days” reminds me of doing it Doggy Style.  And, while I am a fan of cowgirl and missionary styles because they facilitate creampie consumption, doggy style is my favourite for pegging.  To misquote the Dos Equis dude, I don’t always participate in pegging, but when I do, I like it doggy style.

Because I personally enjoy it, many of my stories feature pegging.  I just updated the story search page with the pegging keyword so you can find them.  Pegging is rapidly becoming a mainstream activity, so chances are good that you would like these stories.

I also realize that some of my best pegging stories are not yet published.  I will do those next! Stay tuned.

And stay cool. Don’t let Sirius get the upper hand.


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  1. Hmmm

    ^_^ maybe I’m behind the 8 ball here but what is pegging! I totally love creampies, but not familiar with pegging ><

    -Letie Brown

  2. creampie

    Don’t know the exact definition, but the generally accepted interpretation is women using a strap-on with men receiving. (Like my G-rated description?)

    Since I posted this, I’ve noticed pegging discussed in even more places. It used to be that men wanted it, but now it seems that more women are asking to do it. I’m totally fine with that! 😀

  3. Karen

    Pegging shifts the dominant role. OK, one would assume that getting to be in control and on top during sex is why women would like to try pegging with their guys, but being dominated can also be a turn on for men. They get to surrender and experience less control during sex, which you’ll know from experience can be highly sexy.

    1. creampie

      Hi Karen, absolutely true. Power play can be sexy AF. Don’t discount that the prostate massage is pleasurable as well, though. So is it mental, is it physical? It is BOTH!

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