Mar 24

Its 30! Its available!

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 30

We are proud to announce that we’ve reached another milestone: 30 volumes!  The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 30, is now available in the Amazon bookstore.  That means you can download 30 e-books containing the most exciting and cream-filled stories imaginable.  The Amazon e-book format is available for just about any electronic device with a screen.

Volume 30 has five stories:

  • “Switch” – Jess and Vince have this Dominance and Submission game that they play. One weekend, Vince is the Master and Jess is his sub. The next weekend, they switch roles so that Jess is the Master. It’s supposed to be a system of checks and balances. “Supposed to be.”
  • “Learning From Luke” – Woman looks outside her marriage to learn how to find satisfaction and gets a great lesson from Luke.
  • “Lobster” – Don’t ask why his name is Lobster, because I don’t know. He and his wife asked me to join them in bed, and that’s good enough for me.
  • “Cuckbuddy” – My buddy’s hot wife asked if I would be willing to cuckhold her husband. He really wants it, and buddies help buddies, so…
  • “Paradigm Shift” – A ‘paradigm shift’ is a sudden change in how you view the world. If you are lucky, your new viewpoint is a whole lot creamier.

This volume intentionally does not follow a theme.  Others focused on bisexuality, for example.  If these had one thing in common, it is that they are fun and diverse.



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