Dec 28

Got a new Kindle or Tablet: now what?

So you got a new book-sized device for Christmas. One great use for these things is reading books, and it just so happens that two of our books are being given away today.  For free!  Download them and read them on the bus, in bed, in the “reading room”, wherever. No one will know what you are reading until the signs of your arousal become noticeable. 🙂

Perhaps you gave your wife a tablet for Christmas, and dearly want to expose her to your secret desire to eat creampies.  Volume 28, which is more romantic than harsh, might be a nice gift for her… just saying. 😉

If you have a particular kink, be sure to hit the search page to find the volumes containing those interests.  Anal, FemDom, Cuck… select and search: it’s that easy.

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