Dec 17

Now Published, Volume 29

The Collected Works of Creampie Stories, Volume 29Creampie Publishing is excited to announce that The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 29, is now available.  This volume is teeming with splendid stories of erotic bisexual adventures.

  • “Cleaning Up” – A lady enjoys a gangbang, with the thought that her boyfriend would clean up. However, something goes delightfully awry when her lady neighbor investigates the sex sounds. (FFM)
  • “Creampie Lawyer” – Cate was estranged from her husband, and now takes advantage of her D-bag lawyer as repayment for how he took advantage of her. (MFM)
  • “Loser” – A couple plays a sexy creampie game with another couple. Is there really a loser in this scenario? (MFM)
  • “Liar” – Clem lied to his old friend Jota, and now must make good on the lies with she and her husband. Oops. (MFM)

These aren’t heavy stories of extreme wickedness.  OK, well, maybe they are.  But they are also intended to be fun little romps that show the variety of ways that bisex happens.  If you dislike samesex touching (and more), skip these and look for kittens instead.  But if you are open to sexy erotica, have a read!

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