Jul 06

Volume 26 Features Bi-Sexuality

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater Volume 26The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 26 is a little different.  Each of the stories features male bisexuality, rather than a more general variety of topics.  The stories are:

  • “Finally?” – Finally! A man indulges his bi-sex fantasies and just does it! (or does he?)
  • “Crossing the Line” – A man crosses the line between straight and bisexual, with the help of his lady lover.
  • “BI-WHORE” – A man submits fully to his Mistress, who lends him to another FemDom couple for their filthy use.
  • “Showmen” – A man comes out of bisexual retirement to let his girlfriend see the nasty sex acts she’s become obsessed with.
  • “Bi-Pie” – A man joins a couple for a no-holes-barred threesome.

Most of the men who eat creampies are straight, but many are bisexual or at least bi-curious.  The stories in this  collection were written during a period when my own bisexual fantasies were running rampant.  In compiling the volume, it seemed appropriate to give a little sumpthin’ to those who are looking to feed their own fantasy hungers.  The stories are pretty hot, I must say.

We hope you enjoy them!


  1. Hazel

    I want to read male bisexuality stories where the man has sex with other men, generally thick hung black men and sometimes, so does the wife who has a regular thick hung black lover

    1. creampie

      I think you can find several stories like that if you use the search page and look for “INTERR”. I don’t typically focus on race, but I know it is hot for many (myself included).

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