Jul 01

New on Amazon: Volume 25

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 25Creampie Publishing is pleased to announce that Volume 25 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater is now available from Amazon.  Sold in KIndle format, it can be read on nearly every device that can read this webpage.

This exciting volume has the following stories:

  • “Meeting a Fan” – The author meets a fan for the first time in this true story.
  • “Two Real” – A two-part true story of kinky meetings with the fan who satisfies his desire for strap-on sex.
  • “Forming a Habit” – The psychiatrist involves a husband in his wife’s therapy, forming a marriage-saving habit in the process.
  • “Delayed Satisfaction” – Not everyone can cum quickly. This pair each needs time and attention, and they find it with each other.
  • “My Boyfriend Used Me” – A woman and her boyfriend vacation in Las Vegas, where she finds pleasure in being sexually used by him and a whore.

The first two stories are true, describing what happened when I began my relationship with the woman who was my biggest fan.  Two Real in particular will appeal to those who love woman-on-man strap-on stories (especially if they are true!).  Forming a Habit, follows a husband as his wife follows her doctor’s orders to have sex every day.  It’s a romantic story as their mutual affection renews along with their physical relationship.  Delayed Satisfaction describes a fucking long… fucking.

My Boyfriend Used Me borders on female cuckholdry.  The main character submits to the will of her boyfriend, enduring humiliation as he hires a hooker to fuck while she is forced to helplessly watch.  Fun dominance and submission is the focus here.


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