Jun 07

New Reads for the Outdoor Lovers

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater Volume 24Or should that be “lovers of the outdoors”?  But I digress…

Creampie Publishing is pleased to announce Volume 24 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater.  Aside from the quickie at the end, these stories feature rugged outdoorsy activity:

  • “Creampie Geocaching” – They say, “Never mess with a geocacher—they know all the best places to hide a body.” While true, they also know some great places to find creampies.
  • “The Guaddess” – His fiancé demands he have a buddy on a multi-day backwoods hike. How surprising that the buddy is a blond sexpot called The Guaddess.
  • “Dog Canyon Creampie” – He travels to a remote campground to get away from it all. “It all” does not include the sexy trail maintenance volunteers.

Geocaching, hiking, camping… it’s all sexy and sweaty.  And creamy.

The last story qualifies as a quickie:

  • “Creampie Quickie” – A short story of a pre-work quickie. Sex doesn’t always have to be long and involved.

However, it is horny fast story, perfect for the pre-work premature ejaculator.

We hope you enjoy these stories!

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