Jun 03

The Making of an Amateur Strap-On Video

The Making of an Amateur Strap-On VideoCreampie Publishing is pleased to announce that the third single-story volume in The Collected Works of Creampie Eater has been released.  Volume 23 of the series is The Making of a Strap-On Video.  This joins Chasing James and The Babysitter as a stand-alone book.

The Making of an Amateur Strap-on Video – Priapus Productions is looking for real people to star in their latest video. Recruiting fresh talent for fetish strap-on videos can be difficult.

Part 1 – Clem is on a business trip in England. When he returns a video rental, he begins his entry into a world of woman-on-male strap-on sex.

Part 2 – It’s just another night at the sex club for Sally and her submissive, Andrew. At least it seems so, until they learn it is being “sponsored” by Priapus Productions.

Clem and Sally learn that auditions can be horny indeed.

This story features, obviously, a lot of strap-on action.  Mostly, it is men getting their asses pounded by women.  If you aren’t into that, or by some male-male interaction, then move along to the next story.

This is one of the oldest stories in my collection. I wrote it while on my own trip to England.  I was into strap-on sex myself at the time, in addition to creampies.  I wanted to explain a little about the pleasures a man could feel from anal sex, and particularly from getting strapped.  Self-dildoing was great, but having a partner is so much better.

Re-reading the story in preparation for publication has led me to dusting off the harness and tapping my lover on the shoulder. “Um, honey?”

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