May 31

Check the Amazon bookshelves for Volume 22

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater Volume 22We are pleased to announce that Volume 22 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater is now available for purchase from the Amazon Kindle marketplace.  The stories included are:

  • “Creampie Hookup” – The advertisement began, “Horny MWM looking to give oral to a lady, with no reciprocity required.” Was it truth in advertising?
  • “Safesex Gangbang Creampie” – A woman is treated to many dicks and creampies, all while maintaining monogamous safe sex with her husband.
  • “Caren for Easter” – A family’s annual Easter pilgrimage to their old friends’ homes leads to the husband eating more than chocolate bunnies.
  • “Jota and Her Hubby” – A man finally has his first bi experience: blowing his lover’s husband!
  • “My 40th Birthday” – A wife gives her husband the best present she’s ever given: indulgence of his love of creampies.

A common theme of this volume is having sex with friends, expanding an existing relationship.  There isn’t much agonizing going on about the relational aspects; instead it is a horny creamfest.

“Safesex Gangbang Creampie” was written from a unique perspective.  It answered the question of whether a couple could have a sloppy cum-filled gangbang without worry about unsafe sex.  Aside from a sore and gaping pussy, the answer is most definitely YES.

“My 40th Birthday” is the true story of my actual 40th birthday.  Let’s just say it was fun! 😉


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