May 21

Announcing Volume 19 of The Collected Works

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 19Creampie Publishing is pleased to announce that The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 19, is now available on Amazon Kindle.  This is a fun set of stories, ranging from romantic to campy to fierce.

  •  “Addictions” – Chely has addictions to all manner of things. But no one said co-dependency couldn’t be fun.
  • “The Bull” – Splendida has cuckholded her husband cruelly. Perhaps in nine months, this will be obvious to all their friends.
  • “The Recording” – The fingers with the French manicure reached over and hit the “PLAY” button on the old-fashioned cassette deck. Listen with her as she enjoys the replay.
  • “Facial Payment” – He wants to cum on her face. For that, she’ll extract a payment that they’ll both enjoy.
  • “WKReamPie” – You know the turkeys turned on him, but find out what happened when Les Nessman got home from the studio, still covered with feathers.

“Addictions” and “WKReamPie” are fun reads, written with exuberance and tongue in cheek.  The beginning of “Addictions” is a good illustration:

My girlfriend Chely has an addictive personality. That is, she becomes “addicted” to things easily. Most of the time, like her addiction to Altoids, the addictions are relatively harmless. Sometimes, like with her addiction to sniffing glue, she needs a little help to get back on track. But sometimes, like her addictions to Longaberger baskets or Creative Memories scrapbooking, she needs an intervention from her loved ones to help her realize the damage she is doing to herself.

We are all too aware of the evils of Creative Memories, right?  LOL

“The Bull” was written by suggestion, and is completely different.  A man is willingly cuckholded by his wife and eventually assists in her interracial breeding gangbang.  The suggester was satisfied by the story, and you will be as well.

“The Recording” was another in the series of experimental stories.  I wasn’t bored by writing typical erotica, but I was (and still am) interested in exploring new avenues in plotting and delivery.

Head over to Amazon and buy the book.  It’s a good one.

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