May 07

Read The Babysitter

The BabysitterCreampie Publishing is proud to announce that Volume 18 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater is now available.  Like Chasing James before it, this is a single-story volume.  It is called The Babysitter.

The Babysitter is told from the perspective of a babysitter who gets a crush on the father of the children she watches.  Soon, she manoeuvres herself into sexual situations with not only the father, but the mother as well.

Although unclear in the writing, the babysitter was always conceived as a naive girl who was of the age of legal consent.  Myself, and Creampie Publishing, do not condone statutory rape.  If you are looking to get your young kid jollies, look elsewhere.

But if you are looking for a fun, hot story written from a 18+ teen girl perspective, The Babysitter is a winner.

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