May 06

What’s with these tags?

INFOYou may or may not have noticed the cluster of tags that shows on the right margin of these pages or at the bottom of individual posts. These correspond with story codes that describe the content of the story. They can help you find which stories will appeal to you.

For example, “rom” is a code meaning that romance is emphasized in the story. If you like stories with a more romantic bent, you can look for stories with the “rom” code. Likewise, if you like stories about cuckholdry, look for stories with the “cuck” tag.

We have added the tags to the announcements for volumes. By clicking on the tag of interest on the left margin, you can see which volumes are marked with the story code. You can also see which codes are most and least popular, because the codes are sized by relative popularity.

One tricky issue regards group sex. For example, there are “M+F”, “gang”, and “group” codes. These are all codes for sex with lots of people. While “M+F” and “gang” relate to gangbangs where one woman takes on a lot of men, “group” is sex where many men and many women play together: group sex.

Finally, be careful of “FFM”/”FMF” and “MFM”/”MMF” codes. We’ve tried to alert you to bisexual threesomes by arranging the letters. “FFM” and “MMF” stories will contain lesbian and gay male sex acts, whereas “FMF” and “MFM” are straight sex threesomes (lucky guy and lucky girl, respectively).

For your use, below are the codes and their intended meanings.

  • anal – Story includes anal sex
  • bd – Involving Bondage and/or Discipline
  • bi – Story includes bi– sexual activity. Men and women may have sex with either gender
  • bond – Bondage (see also Bd)
  • cheat – Married or committed people having sex outside of the commitment, cheating on their partner, as distinct from swinging.
  • cons? – Consensual sex, but possibly not
  • Creampie – Male semen deposited inside a vagina, the mixture of the juices is a creampie
  • Cuck – Cuckoldry (or cuckholdry), is a cuckold is a historically derogatory term for a man who has an unfaithful wife. In modern usage, a cuckold can also mean a male fetishist who gains sexual gratification from his partner having intercourse with other people. (definition from Wikipedia)
  • Ds – Dominance and submission
  • exhib – Exhibitionism
  • Fdom – A dominant female (also FemDom)
  • FemDom – A dominant female (also fdom)
  • FF – Homosexual females in action
  • FFM – A threesome with bisexual females playing with a man
  • FFM+m – A threesome with bi women and a man, while another man is submissive
  • first – someone’s first time
  • FM – A female– dominant heterosexual relationship
  • FMF – A threesome with two females and a male, all action heterosexual
  • FMM – A threesome with two men and a woman, the men have bisexual sex
  • gang – A gangbang, usually a woman with multiple male partners. Fluffers may be present.
  • group – Multiple couples all have sex together
  • Hair – Highlighting a hair fetish. Highlights… get it? *Guffaw*
  • hotwife – A man enjoys his wife being publicly sexual
  • humil – Humiliation
  • Interr – Interracial themes
  • M+F+ – Multiple men and multiple women, all mixing it up
  • MF – A heterosexual couple
  • MFF – A man and two bi women (see FFM)
  • MFFM – Two heterosexual men and two bi women
  • MFM – Two men and a woman engage in heterosexual sex
  • mild incest? – Possibly incestuous themes are present, but not overt
  • MM – Homosexual males in action
  • MMF – Two bisexual men and a woman
  • MMMF – Three men and a woman
  • nc? – Possibly non-consensual sex
  • oral – Oral sex, fellatio or cunnilingus, are prominent
  • orgy – Hedonistic sex
  • quickie – A short short story, usually used to express a single hot act
  • reluc – Starts out as rape, but she loves it
  • rom – Romantic themes
  • safe sex – The story employs safe sex techniques. Safe sex is often ignored in order to make the story less stilted or awkward, or simply because creating creampies is difficult when wearing a condom. Stories marked with the safe sex tag attempt to honor safe sex practices.
  • SM – Sadomasochism: pain which gives pleasure to both parties
  • smother – A form of facesitting, where the woman uses her crotch to control her lover’s breathing… and level of attention.
  • strap-on – A woman wearing a penis
  • swing – Partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activities with others as a recreational or social activity
  • teen – A younger participant, in their late teens.
  • Tv – Transvestitism
  • voy – Voyeurism, peeking
  • Wife – Wife watching (participatory cuckoldry)

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