May 06

Volume 17 now available

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater, Volume 17Volume 17 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater is now available on Amazon.com for the Kindle device and compatible readers (like your Mac or PC or tablet or phone).  The stories in this volume are:

  • “Taboo” – Friends since primary school play a daring game to break taboos.
  • “My Friend Jota” – A quickie about when I went over to help an old friend fix her printer.
  • “My Friend Jota (revisited)” – A second visit to Jota to fix that troublesome printer.
  • “Gangbang Gina” – Gina likes gangbangs, and the creamy aftermath that follows.
  • “Turnabout” – Pushed to the brink of divorce, a couple find joy in each other again when she performs an incredible turnabout in attitude.

The first four stories are fairly standard in length, or even quickies, while Turnabout is much longer.  This edition contains bisexual themes, both male and female, as well as the fetish-friendly Femdom.  All the stories have romance at their core, believe it or not.  There is even a surprise twist and a true story in there.  Something for everyone!

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