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Dec 25

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas y’all!  We hope you are filled with the Christmas spirit.  Either that, or a goeey creampie that a loved one will clean up for you. 😉 Our new tradition of reposting stories and discounting books continues.  Today, the Random Number Generator had some more fun and selected a Thanksgiving story based on our …

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Dec 24

Put that new device to use!

We are continuing to repost stories on the group, and today’s is an Easter story; that’s the perverse nature of random number generators. 🙂 Today we are reposting “Caren for Easter”, part of Volume 22.  That means the book will be on discount soon.  We can’t drop the price for Christmas, but keep an eye out on …

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Dec 23

Christmas week continues!

Yesterday we noted that we were reposting stories and adding deep discounts on the volumes that contain them.  Today we reposted another story (Soft Swing) and have added it to the list of books going on sale when Santa arrives. Here’s the intro to the story.  Its worth a read!  Look for Volume 33 soon! Janie …

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Nov 27

We’ve got plenty to be thankful for!

My favorite song in the movie classic Holiday Inn is not White Christmas.  It’s I’ve Got Plenty To Be Thankful For.  It begins, I’ve got plenty to be thankful for I haven’t got A great big yacht To sail from shore to shore Still I’ve got plenty to be thankful for This expresses so well the …

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Dec 30

Between the Holidays…

It’s too late to wish you a Merry Christmas, and too early to bid you a prosperous new year.  So instead, I hope that Santa was nice to you and bought you a new tablet.  That will let you read all sorts of creamy piesy stories! To help you out, we are giving away Volume …

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Dec 14

Search Results Update

Did a quick review of the terms searched for using the anonymous Story Search page.  I’m not entirely surprised, but thought I would share.  Here are the top 10: 1 CREAMPIE 59 2 CUMEATING 38 3 CUCK 29 4 ANAL 21 5 FEMDOM 16 INCEST? 16 7 BI 14 8 WIFE 12 9 STRAP-ON 8 …

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Jul 25

It’s the Dog Days of Summer

Summer is here in the Northern Hemisphere, and we are now officially in the Dog Days of Summer.  They run from July 24 to August 24.  If you are like me and check it out via Wikipedia, you’ll learn that they were called the Dog Days because Sirius, the Dog Star, rose during this period …

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May 21

This weekend is long… like my Johnson

It has been quite a while since we ran a promotion, and Memorial Day Weekend is my favourite holiday of the year.  So why not celebrate with a free book? Starting Saturday, May 24 and running through Memorial Day, we are giving away Volume 5 of The Collected Works of Creampie Eater. [Post][Amazon] This is …

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Jul 28

It’s Sale Saturday!

Today, Chasing James is on sale at, for the ridiculously low price of $0.00.  That’s a savings of 100%. Here is the original announcement for this volume. Unlike most of the other volumes, Chasing James is a single story.  However, it is actually two different versions of the same story.  The original was well …

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Jul 26

Sale Saturday!

Creampie Publishing is pleased to hereby notify you that some book will be on sale this Saturday, July 28.  We know which book it is, but you don’t yet. 😉  It will give you something to do if you are already bored by the Olympics. Keep track of this space, our RSS feed, or my …

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