May 29

New Feature: Story Search

As we mentioned previously, each volume announcement here declares the content of the book via site tags.  However, each individual story has always been tagged with more detailed “story codes”.

Now we are testing an interface that lets you search for stories by these attached story codes.  A Story Search page is listed on the top of the site.  When you go there, you can pick the story code of interest from a drop down list.  Hit Submit and the list of stories described with that code is shown.  The list of codes is pulled from each story published, so as more stories are added, the list may grow.

Again, this feature is being tested.  If you see problems, please let us know.

We hope this Search will be useful for you.  Enjoy!

Dec 02

#NoNutNovember leads to creampie eating?

Many men endured No Nut November with the plan to deposit a big one on Dec 1. How many of them also looked forward to cleaning the elixir afterwards? Creampie eating is a taboo fantasy a lot of men (and women tbh) enjoy, even if they can’t bring themselves to actually do it.

All the stories on sale today are tagged with their content, which makes it easy to find your particular kink on the Story Search page. The tags are olde school, so if you are a modern tyke you might find the What’s with these tags? page helpful. “nc?” is particularly interesting, or perhaps “Ds”.

Whether you are dropping your nut or eating it, we hope NNN was worth it. 🙂

Nov 28

Its the most marvelous time of the year!

Something is on SaleThanksgiving in the USA marks their beginning of the Christmas Holiday season.  Thursday is a day of family togetherness or perhaps family stress.  The day after, Black Friday, is highlighted by sales.  Cyber Monday, the following weekday, is when online sales kick in (if they haven’t already).

This year, we’re focusing on Cyber Monday.  Every book will be on sale from 11/30 to 12/4.  The biggest discount will be earlier (67%), but you get at least 33% off until 12/4.

The first volume will be free on Black Friday until 12/3.   Pick it up, get a feel for the format, then buy the rest. 🙂

Have some creamy gravy, eat it, then go shopping!

Jul 03

Prime Day Plans

July 11, 2017 is Prime Day.  This is the day that wants you to shop.  Since it has been a while since we’ve done anything, we’re going for it this year.

We have put a couple volumes on 100% discount, and another at 33-66% discount, depending on when you buy them.  We’re not saying which, exactly, right here.  But, olde tymers will know how to find out.  Its all on Prime Day, so be ready to click!

We hope you have fun with our little treasure hunt. 🙂

Dec 28

Interested in male chastity stories?

I’ve recently “enjoyed” a bout of my junk being locked up, and it got my creative juices flowing. Is there interest in stories about chastity combined with creampies?

Are you interested in stories about males in chastity eating creampies?

Dec 25

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas y’all!  We hope you are filled with the Christmas spirit.  Either that, or a goeey creampie that a loved one will clean up for you. 😉

Our new tradition of reposting stories and discounting books continues.  Today, the Random Number Generator had some more fun and selected a Thanksgiving story based on our favorite TV Thanksgiving episode. “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”!

That means, Volume 19 will soon be on sale.  Meanwhile, the others are starting to be discounted.  Go to Amazon and find our recently reposted volumes, and take $$$ off the price. These are declining discounts, so don’t wait!

Whatever you do, keep today filled with joy.  Merry Christmas!

Dec 24

Put that new device to use!

Oh! Christmas Tree!We are continuing to repost stories on the group, and today’s is an Easter story; that’s the perverse nature of random number generators. 🙂

Today we are reposting “Caren for Easter”, part of Volume 22.  That means the book will be on discount soon.  We can’t drop the price for Christmas, but keep an eye out on Boxing Day. 😉

Dec 23

Christmas week continues!

I taste great dipped in creampie

I taste great dipped in creampie

Yesterday we noted that we were reposting stories and adding deep discounts on the volumes that contain them.  Today we reposted another story (Soft Swing) and have added it to the list of books going on sale when Santa arrives.

Here’s the intro to the story.  Its worth a read!  Look for Volume 33 soon!

Janie and Clem were sitting on the edge of their bed, looking at us. I could tell they were feeling the same sort of excited nervousness that I was feeling. Barbie’s hand squeezed mine, so that I suspected she was nervous too. None of us had ever done anything like this before, and so our nervousness was natural.

“I love you,” Clem muttered to Janie. He’d said that many times already tonight, and I got the impression it wasn’t just words for him. When he said it, Barbie again squeezed my hand. She liked hearing him say it, and I planned afterward to get the scoop. But right now, his words were like a key that opened the remainder of the night, because Janie turned to him and they kissed. I watched them for a moment, then turned and kissed my bride.

Watching them was the big point of the night. We’d watch them as they had sex, and they would watch us. It was a “soft swing”, where we’d have sex as couples without any swapping of partners. It was equal parts voyeurism and exhibitionism, and it was Janie’s idea.

Dec 22

‘Tis the season to be jolly

I taste great dipped in creampie

I taste great dipped in creampie

To add a little joy to your holiday season, we’re putting select volumes on sale in conjunction to some reposting on our yahoo group.  So far, Santa will deliver deep discounts on Volume 30 and Volume 17.  It’s the perfect way to put those new Kindles, Tablets, and smart phones to use: read some hot creamy stories!


Sep 09

New story!

It hasn’t been published for sale yet, but I wrote a rather long story for my Yahoo Group.  Actually, I wrote it for myself since I had been feeling the horn for some new kinky fetishes.  Ever thought about male chastity? Pegging? Creampies?  I have… and so much lately that I had to let it out in a story.

Let me know if this is an interest and perhaps I’ll add the story for sale (or loan, via Kindle).

Here’s an excerpt:

It was Friday morning when Clem realized that Kim’s party would fall on Saturday/FunDay. “So we’re skipping it this week?” he asked, dutifully bringing her morning tea.

“No…” she replied, her voice puzzled, “why would you say that?”

“You want our friends to see me in a cage?” he asked, suddenly panicked.

“Sure,” she smiled. “It’s Saturday/FunDay, right?” She had wondered when he would realize the schedule, as had been her plan from the start. “This will be extra fun!”

Clem openly balked. “It will be humiliating!”

Janie had anticipated this too, and had a ready reply thanks to the Keyholder’s Handbook. “It might be embarrassing, but you are the one who asked me to do this. You gave me the key and asked me to use it. I didn’t realize you thought this was going to always be convenient.” She crossed her arms. “I want you to think about this at work today, and tell me if you want to stop now—forever—or if you want to keep going. I’m not going to force you to obey the rules we make together.”

“But—“ Clem began.

“Think about it,” Janie said firmly, ending the conversation.

Clem thought about it a lot at work. There were pluses and minuses, of course. But in the end, he realized that these were really good friends who would find it funny that he was locked up. They already thought of him as a bit of an odd one; he was the guy who eagerly joined a couple to clean a gooey pussy. He might be the butt of a few jokes for a day, but they’d already accepted his quirkiness. In comparison, Janie and he were enjoying more intimacy and sexy fun than then had in years, probably. They’d found a formula that worked. Clem didn’t want to give that up.

And so, the next day Clem wore the cage to the party.

“It’s a chastity cage,” Janie had said, her voice light with mirth.

Dec 20

Ho ho ho! (Got the timing right this time!)

The Collected Works of Creampie Eater Volume 14The last time we mentioned Volume 14, it was around Easter and this is really a Fall Holiday book.  In fact, 2 of the 5 stories are about Christmas:

  • “Miss Eggnog” – He doesn’t want to take advantage of his passed out subordinate, but he really does love eggnog.
  • “Caren Creampie” – When Caren and her husband travel down for the annual Christmas party, he ends up being a better host than usual.

In honor of the impending Christmas, we’re putting the book on Sale starting Monday the 22nd and running through Christmas Eve.  Giving someone a book of jolly creampie erotica just might be the best gift ever!

Get the book at Amazon.

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